My name is Georga and I am Mummy to Molly.

I used to get really fed up with people being so surprised that I was a Mum. “Oh my god! I can’t believe you have a kid?!” I’d hear, thinking “But why? Just because I am not at home knitting and baking scones doesn’t mean I don’t ‘look’ like a Mother??” and after my marriage broke down I was no longer ‘just’ a Mum either…. but a single one at that! *Shock Horror*

I didn’t want Motherhood to define my identity. It is certainly a huge (and the best) part of who I am, but not ALL of who I am, and after separating with Molly’s Father I decided to get away for a couple of days. Molly was with her Dad so it wouldn’t have mattered to her where I was or what I was doing so I jumped at the suggestion of going to Miami with a friend, and when she had to cancel it ended up being a solo trip which turned out to be one of the best experiences of my life.

Miami was amazing. It inspired me to do more of the things that made me happy instead of focussing on the things that didn’t. After all, how could I be the best Mum I could be if I weren’t happy? I wrote down a list of all the things that I had said I wanted to do with my life… and Voila! A blog was born.

When Molly’s Dad and I first separated, it was hard to get used to not having Molly around all of the time. I wanted to try to turn a negative into a positive and I found myself with a lot of ‘free time’ to chase ambitions that were somewhat unobtainable whilst being a ‘full time parent’. To distract myself from her temporary absence, I started doing the things on my mini ‘Bucket List’. I travelled on my own, I travelled with Molly, I learnt how to DJ, got a regular slot at the local radio station, and discovered a new sense of worth whilst embracing a ‘You Only Live Once’ attitude.

After 2 years of blogging, I discovered that I had stumbled upon a path of Wellness and ‘blogged myself happy’ through travelling, learning, and experiencing new things. I now want to encourage other people to do the things that make them happy, and I have set up a centralised platform bringing together like minded people who inspire others to make conscious decisions regarding their physical and mental health. It also includes a UK directory of wellness professionals to help achieve the goal of making as many people as possible feel good. You can check it out here

Due to my new business venture, I no longer have time to maintain the blog so it’s current purpose is to remind me of all the crazy, silly, fun, exciting and random things that nudged me on to the path I am on today.

We hope our stories inspire you somehow and that you enjoy reading about our adventures as much as we do.

Georga and Molly x