Week Two of the Popcycle 30 day challenge

Week 2 of the Popcycle 30 day challenge seemed much easier than the first week due to organisation. I also realised that I had turned into the person that everybody dreads inviting round for a dinner party “…Oh no sorry, no carbohydrates for me, or gluten, or sugar, I can’t have dairy either, oh, and I’m not drinking caffeine at the moment….” *queue eye roll*

On Sunday I prepared my shopping list for the week ahead and I spent the afternoon cooking so I would have prepared meals available for ’quick bites’. I made Paleo Granola,  Protein energy balls, and a Quinoa Lasagna, all of which were super tasty.





The week continued with support and encouragement through our Facebook group, and we also attended the classes from our timetable:

Monday: 30mins spin with Jaime, followed by 30 mins of Pilates with Sarah.

Wednesday: Barre with Sarah

Friday: Circuit HIIT (which was outside)

The variety of different exercises keeps the classes fun and fresh, and the energy of the trainers is so infectious. They are so encouraging and supportive, without being terrifying! I was especially glad on Friday when our HIIT class was outside, we even had a herd of Deer watching us at one point (how many exercise classes have gatecrashing Deer?!)










  • Time is, and will probably always be, an issue. Finding time to plan meals, cook, and exercise has been slightly challenging but I am now seeing it as ‘me time’. It is time out for me to concentrate on looking after myself, which can’t be a bad thing?! I just need to make time for it, and it is becoming increasingly easier to make it part of my lifestyle now that I am getting the hang of it.
  • Motivation to cook at the end of a long day. But I have realised that once you have invested time in preparing a good meal, you will soon experience the benefits and it will make you feel more energised.
  • Not having ice cream in the heatwave! (I may have had one ice lolly though….)



  • Lack of cravings. The food I am eating is so flavoursome and filling, I haven’t found it too difficult to avoid the sweet treats. Peppermint and Liquorice tea seems to hit the sweet spot if need be.
  • I am still enjoying exercise.
  • I feel really healthy. From my energy levels, to my mind… everything seems really good and I am very motivated.
  • Skipping is definitely not as fun as I remember!
  • My posture is better (strengthening back muscles)
  • I feel more toned. If I squint really hard, I can almost see some abs when looking at my reflection. And I no longer have rolls when I sit.
  • I thought I had put on a little bit of weight (seeing as I am eating a lot more) but….



We had our first body composition on our first day. I was fairly surprised at the initial result because it turned out I was a little healthier than I had thought with my metabolic age of 18 (10 years younger than my actual age). Here are the differences over a two week period, from just eating well (eating MORE than I would normally) and exercising 3 hours a week…


                                1st           2nd

Waist (cm):          72.5          71

Hip (cm):              98.5          98

Weight:                 59.8         59.4

Body fat %:          24             22.3

Body Water %:   56.1          57.4

Muscle Mass:      43.1          43.8

DCI/BMR*:           2246         2270

Metabolic Age:    18            15

*How many calories I need

As you can see from the results, not only have I lost 3 years (!) but I have lost weight and gained muscle mass. My water percentage has increased too, and I have lost a little around my hips and waist.

For me, the 30 day challenge is not about loosing weight, it is about creating healthy eating habits so I can look after myself and feel well so I can be the best Mother I can be to Molly.

I have so much more energy, I feel focussed, motivated, and happy.

This is starting to feel like less of a challenge and more of a way of life, and I am feeling very excited about continuing this healthy journey after the 30 days.

My favourite recipes of the week:




Quinoa Lasagne


The team are passionate about influencing a healthy way of life, and that is one of the reasons why Popcycle won ‘Best Fitness Instructor in Kent’ from Muddy Stilettos Awards…. Congratulations guys, you sure deserve it xx