One.Of.Those.Days: Please tell me I am not the only one who experiences occasional days FILLED with ‘funny’ situations…

Please tell me i am not the only one who often experiences ‘one of those days’ that leave you feeling like you would have to have an extremely bizarre mind to make it up?

To be fair, this is the exact reason that I started this blog, so I could document the ridiculous situations I find myself in. Today has been one of them.

It started off early. Yesterday I came into possession of some keys to a shop (at the time, they were handed over to me on a street corner by a lady who passed me a brown envelope… this didn’t look dodgy at all). This morning I had to return them at 8.30.


I give Molly her breakfast whilst tackling some of the 6,493 ‘important’ emails I need to deal with.


I loose track of time and scoop Molly up (still in PJs) and run out of the house to sort the key situation.


We are back home, with 20 minutes to spare until my Drs appointment.


I realise my Drs appointment is actually at 8.50. So I scoop Molly up again (still in PJs) and get back in the car.


Luckily my Drs is just around the corner. But I realise that I have left my bag on the side of the road outside my house. Torn between making my appointment, or returning home to get my bag, I choose the latter. Mainly because my bag contained my tooth implant that fell out yesterday (yes I know it’s gross, but it’s safely wrapped up in a receipt in my purse)


Bag is still there.


Missed Drs appointment. Luckily, after a rambling explanation, the nurse said she can still see me.

*Slight hiccup… but the rest of the day will be fine* Or so I thought…

With it being half term, I have random shifts of childcare, and today we were with both of the families that I look after.


We pick up family number 1. We go to Sainsbury’s for picnic material. Run back home to pick up my amazing picnic backpack. Return to Sainsbury’s for petrol. My card gets declined. I hadn’t realised that my pin was blocked. I didn’t have any other method of payment. After 20 minutes of faffing around (and a car full of children) I left them my purse (tooth included) and told them I would be back later to sort.


We get to Bewl Water. Children decide they didn’t want any of the food. They have fun playing, and then Molly tells me she isn’t feeling very well.


Molly really isn’t well. It’s time to drop off family number 1. We set off to see family number 2, which involves a trip to the trampoline park. I call Molly’s Dad who then comes to pick her up to look after her while I go to trampoline park.


After signing numerous disclosures and watching a video that mentions the possibility of fatality (on numerous occasions), we have an hour bouncing around and having fun. I ponder on whether they do ‘Tena for Men’, before doing a 360 jump that resulted in a funny ‘squelch’ in my back upon landing. Despite the possibility of screwing up my back, it was the 6 year old who decided that our jumping time was up.


Having sat down to drink our Slush Puppies (and finding out that ‘Mummy and Daddy don’t usually allow this’), I receive a call from Molly’s Dad to say that he has sliced his thumb in half with a rusty razor blade. (His thumb nail was flapping off the bone).


En route to pick up Molly’s Dad to take him to hospital. My phone starts to play a song from Les Miserables in the car. I try to explain The French Revolution to a 6 year old.


Molly’s Dad is dropped to hospital and I return with a poorly Molly to family Number 2’s house.


We return to hospital to pick up Molly’s dad who is all fixed and glued back together. Drop him and Molly back to theirs.


Return to petrol station to retrieve tooth.


Back home. Back aches. Now lets get back to the remaining 6,492 ‘important’ emails I need to deal with…

One. Of. Those. Days.