International Women’s Day: I Like Being A Woman Because…

Today is International Women’s Day. I have always been an independent individual and I do not like asking anyone for help. If you need to take the bathroom sink apart to remove a blockage, just do it. If you need to mix up some cement to level the kitchen floor, just do it. There’s not much that a Youtube tutorial can’t fix. I guess I have never given too much thought to gender equality because I have never considered it to directly impact my life, which is an incredibly naive view once you really start to think about far we have come in terms of equal rights.

Deciding on my favourite female attributes has been difficult without sounding sexist, or without insulting feminism (for example, “I like make up” *queue the eye rolls*)  and most of these things Men can do too. But I guess thats the whole point, right?

Here are my top 10 favourite things about being a Woman, along with some suitably sexist imagery…

  1. I can make my own decisions. Whether it be as small as a dinner suggestion, or as large as a house purchase, I am capable of doing it by myself.



2. I can support myself financially. Unlike a few centuries ago, I can go to work to earn money to support my lifestyle.



3. I have a voice. I can debate (not very well), I can contribute to discussions so that my opinions are heard.



4. I can use a drill, knock down walls, I can even fit a kitchen. ‘Man jobs’ do not have to be ‘just for men’



5. I can laugh, cry, and scream, within the space of 5 minutes. This is the ultimate super power of most woman. Adaptable emotions to suit all of life’s dramas.



6. I can be feminine. Yup, I can put on a nice pair of heels, a nice dress, do my hair & make up and shake it like Shakira (again, not very well)



7. I am strong. Literally. I do not need help opening jars or carrying my luggage.



8. I can wear trousers. I live in jeans, I love Jeans



9. I can Vote



10. I can grow another human. This is my favourite. I get to feel another life inside me, that is pretty special.



On top of being a financially independent single mother, I am a cook, a cleaner, a children’s entertainer, a washer of clothes, a taxi. I am bloody super woman. As are all of you other wonderful ladies out there. To US!