Enchanted Forest Birthday Party

I have mentioned before that I have always been ever so slightly jealous of Fearne Cotton’s lifestyle, so I thought it about time that I start to follow in her footsteps. Now that I have learnt how to DJ (and have a regular slot as a newspaper reviewer on BBC Radio Kent) I am halfway there, but after last weekend, well- you may as well call me Georga Cotton.

A few months ago I went to see a performance by The Scummy Mummies, an event organised by Mums The Word. It was a fantastic evening involving lots of Prosecco, lots of crude jokes, and lots of dancing at the disco after. Before leaving, we were handed out fabulous Dilly and Diti Hangover bags to help cure the signs of a good night.


My memory is pretty terrible, ask me anything work related, or who the current Prime Minister is, and I will have to take a moment to provide you with an answer. Ask me who did Honey’s 1st Birthday party however (Fearne Cotton’s Daughter), and I can tell you that it was Dilly & Diti (I would be 10% useful in a pub quiz). I recognised their name from the hangover bags, and remembered Fearne referencing them on her Instagram post with a lovely picture of her garden and flamingos. And who doesn’t love Flamingos?


I started to think about Molly’s Birthday. Her Father and I wanted to throw her her first proper birthday party (now that she has little friends), and seeing as I like to make my ‘events’ stand out (for example, when I planned my wedding, I arranged for Shaun Williamson AKA ‘Barry’ from Eastenders to sing the first dance as a surprise for my Husband) I wanted to meet with Estelle and Afroditi from Dilly and Diti to provide some insight to the world of party planning. I was incredibly impressed with their ideas, and all of the lovely little touches that they add to make a party unforgettable, so we were delighted when they confirmed that they were available to coordinate Molly’s Birthday Party. We agreed a budget and started to discuss everything from party bags to food.


The Theme

We discussed many different options regarding a theme, all of which sounded magical to an adult, let alone a 4 year old! We settled on a unisex Enchanted Forest theme, where the boys could be elves and the girls could be fairies. Estelle and Afroditi were quick to send over a mood board to convey the essence of the theme, and once all agreed, I received a personalised Save The Date to hand out to Mollys friends.


The Invitations

Estelle delivered the invitations in a lovely presentation box, and they looked so pretty that I didn’t want to hand any out. Each invitation came in a little bag which also contained a snippet of green foliage and a fairy/elf door for the child to bring along to the party, so it could be decorated at the craft station.


The Venue

We found it difficult to find a village hall available for hire, so we asked our friends at Bayham Hall if we could hire their ballroom. My father in law used to live on the grounds, but despite being familiar with the estate, the view as you drive along the mile long drive is guaranteed to take your breath away every single time. Built in 1870, and situated next to Bayham Abbey in Lamberhurst, Justin and Jaime Cook purchased Bayham Hall in 2011 and have renovated it in a traditional yet contemporary style. From the Pillar studded entrance hall, to the gigantic chandelier made from 50 antlers, everything about it is spectacular. Bayham Hall is also home to Jaime’s successful Popcycle business, where a range of fitness classes are available 6 days a week. I DJ for the monthly 90 minute spin class, which I shall bring you more information at the end of the month.


The Outfit 

Of course, when I tried to get Molly in to a fairy costume, she point blank refused, and insisted that she was going to dress as Sleeping Beauty. We visited The Children Salon in Tunbridge Wells, where the staff were incredibly helpful in assisting us with outfit choices. There wasn’t any need for choice though, Molly made a b-line for a Bonnie Jean pink dress on display, which tied in nicely with the fairy theme. (And of course, I wore my trusty Tu-Tu)


The Cake 

A company called The Unique Cake Company were recommended by the lovely Britt Wyatt (AKA She Who Bakes) and they did not disappoint. I asked them if they were able to create an ‘Enchanted Forest’ themed cake to which they agreed, they mentioned a toadstool but I had no idea what to expect. I almost cried when I saw it. It was amazing and the team did such a good job to add to the magical experience. I went to pick it up and drove back with such caution, I was overtaken by several coaches.


The Party

Estelle and Afroditi arrived 5 hours prior to the party to set up. As we walked through the door we were greeted with giant light up letters (provided by HelloDorisLoves) and the most wonderful decor to add to the theme. There were so many lovely touches, including fairy wings/elf hats decorating each chair, palm leaf plates, little glass bottles for drinks, foliage tied to the gigantic helium balloons, and lovely decorations to add to the fireplaces. All of these touches complimented the theme in such a creative and unique way.



Party Games

The actual party lasted two hours. Molly had 16 guests, and we played pass the parcel, musical statues, and a highly entertaining game of musical chairs. There was a craft station in the corner for the children to decorate their doors that were included in the party invitations, before choosing a seat (fairy wings or elf hats) at the table for party food.


The Food 

Dilly and Diti offered to provide the food but we decided to do this ourselves. After all, no party is complete without my Nan’s jam sandwiches.

Party Bags

Hessian party bags had been presented on a table in the Entrance Hall with a choice of Fairy or Elf. The Fairy bags included wands, wings, sweeties and a book. The Elf bags included a compass, a magnifying glass, a hat, and a book. Each bag had been printed with the fairy stamp that had been imprinted on the invitations.


The Experience 

Dilly and Diti were great to work with. They were professional and friendly, and able to provide ideas to all aspects of the experience. They offered a bespoke service in such a creative and unique way, ensuring that there wasn’t anything that had been over looked. The children (and adults) had a lovely time and I know that Molly and I will remember her 4th Birthday party forever.

A HUGE thank you for all of those involved who made Molly’s party possible. Although, I am slightly worried that I have set the bar rather high and should probably start saving for next year. I’m thinking private jets and another appearance from Shaun Williamson?

Now I just need to write a book about Happiness (as well as a few cookery books), dye my hair blond, and marry a rock star… watch out Fearne!

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