Juliets in Tunbridge Wells *DO NOT READ IF YOU ARE HUNGRY*

I recently represented Exclusively Tunbridge Wells, who were kindly invited to attend a tasting of the new menu on offer at Juliets. Opening in April 2010, the cafe has built a fabulous reputation that guarantees queues out of the door and on to the High Street.

Juliets became a go to place for me and my sweet tooth. Whether you fancy a slice of Lemon Feather Cake that is bigger than your head, or another form of baked delight that is dripping with icing sugar, you will never be disappointed by their selection.

Aside from the sweet treats, the menu also offers plenty of wholesome, healthy foods that are guaranteed to make you satisfied with your new found healthy living approach (whilst being able to justify ordering a large slice of cake for pudding).

The atmosphere is cosy. The bare brick walls, wooden floorboards, and wonderful collection of vintage china makes you feel like you are in a little time capsule of loveliness which makes it quite hard to leave! But what really makes Julliets stand out from the long list of nice eateries in Tunbridge Wells, is Juliet herself. Her charm and warmth makes you feel that you are not her customer, but her guest. All of the staff have the same attentive and friendly charisma, which makes the whole experience rather pleasant.

There are 22 staff in total, and 150 cakes baked per week. The menu changes seasonally and there are 8 staff in the kitchen who are constantly bringing new things to the table (literally). They also offer take away in biodegradable boxes and are available to hire for private events.

The Night

We were introduced to Matthew Isles from The Secret Cellar, an independent wine merchant and supplier to Julliets. He talked us through some of the most popular selection and their best selling wines.

We were then presented some mouth watering dishes from the new menu (who knew you could get so excited about a salad?!) and were invited to try the Brazilian bean stew, the superfood sweet potato, spiced cauliflower, and Unami Salad, amongst other dishes. They were all equally as tasty as the pictures represent (below).

Whether you want to host a special occasion, a private dinner, or simply pop in for a coffee and a slice of cake, Juliets cafe is a lovely little gem of Royal Tunbridge Wells.