What We Didn’t Do…

It’s probably about time I get back into the weekly blog posts, I’ve been seriously slacking over the last 3 weeks but I have had a good excuse… I’ve been recovering from a bump to the head. 

An accidental collision with a van meant that concussion saw me ‘resting’ (I’m not good at ‘resting’) for 3 weeks, in which I was supposed to be bringing lots of exciting stories of our escapades. 

We missed a camping trip in Whitstable, we missed a family friendly woodland rave, and a 24 hour trip to Ibiza to attend the last ever party held at one of ‘the best clubs in the world’ (amongst other things).

I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. I love to keep busy but perhaps it was a sign to slow down a little bit? Perhaps I was supposed to spend 3 weeks without moving, eating my body weight in chocolate each day, and getting festively plump in the run up to my favourite time of year? 

So instead of telling you about all of the cool things we got up to, I can tell you about all of the cool things that we didn’t do. I could also tell you how I fell in love with Lord Melbourne from the ITV drama, Victoria (and yes, I want to campaign for history to be re-written. After all, why would you let something like the monarchy get in the way of true love?), the calibre of people who appear on the Jeremy Kyle Show has not changed since I watched it whilst in the audience all those years ago, and Meg Ryan had some very questionable hairstyles in When Harry Met Sally. 

Although slightly gutted not to be able to bring you pictures of Molly at her very first rave, here is a video of when she made us wear our princess dresses and dance to “that song that’s always on in the car, the one you sing with your really bad singing voice”….


(…. Lot’s of exciting things in the pipeline so stay tuned….)