“You can do anything if you put your mind to it” is a quote that I have taken quite literally.

“I could be a blogger! I am going to start a lifestyle blog about travel/adventure, and parenting.” I have started my blog, and I enjoy writing my blog. But with blogging comes a lot of dedication. You have to write regular content and attempt to build a following through social media outlets using various strategies, with pictures, relevant articles etc.

“I’ve always wanted to learn how to DJ, I am going to become a DJ!” Well this was a fun hobby to take up. I am glad to have ticked this one off the list but realistically, my decks have gathered a bit more dust then anticipated.

“I am going to work really hard and earn loads of money to fund the trips for my blog” – Did I mention that I work full time? Yup, it takes me 1hr 45 minutes to get to my office in London to recruit legal/compliance professionals for financial services institutions.

And lets not forget… I happen to be a mother as well…

This morning went like this:

I start to make her sandwiches for her packed lunch at nursery.

“Mummy, can I have some cereal” (“Yes Darling”)

“Mummy, can you cut the label out of my trousers” (“Yes darling, I’m just getting your cereal”)

“Mummy, can you put Paw Patrol on the TV?” (“Hang on, let me get your cereal!”)

“Mummy, can I have some milk?” (while I give her her cereal, I take her cup of water and replace it with a cup of milk, and put Paw Patrol on the TV)



As I am getting her water…. “Mummy, why haven’t you cut the label out of my trousers?”

*I hold my breath for 10 seconds before going to cut the label out of her trousers*

“I don’t want Paw Patrol on anymore, I want the Lion Guard.”

“Mummy?” (“Yes, darling?” through gritted teeth) “Have you made my packed lunch yet?”

So I may have missed my train (again) and Molly may still be wearing the same pants that I put on after her bath last night (I haven’t even got started on the bed time routine), and I may have to get some more milk on my way home, seeing as Molly managed to take our full 6 pint carton out of the fridge, and drop it all over the living room carpet.

I almost forgot to mention… this week I seemed to have also taken on the role of a ‘ticket tout’, attempting to sell tickets for a DJ set that I am playing on Saturday, at one of the most iconic clubs in the world, which I have had no time to practice for. It’s OK though, I am just going to wing it.

Georga Browne, the maverick multi-tasking employee, blogger, photographer, superstar DJ, mother, jester, cleaner, cook, and general slave, at your service.