Picnics In The Park

A couple of weeks ago I was drawn in to BHS by the “EVERYTHING MUST GO” signs that covered the shops facade. I investigated what unnecessary items I could purchase to further clutter my house, starting with bedding. If it is one thing I have discovered of late, is that I am quite good at spending money… especially on things I do not need. A recent memory involves me struggling to put clean towels in the airing cupboard because it was bursting with unused bedding. In fact, I counted TWELVE sets of bedding, even though I only use three on rotation. I didn’t need more bedding.

I eventually ended up in the section hosting a variety of picnic hampers. Jackpot. At half price, £50 for a picnic hamper was quite the bargain. Who doesn’t love a hamper? I circled this section a few times, whilst reasoning with the voice in my head that was reminding me that I hadn’t been for a picnic in years. ‘Yes, but thats because I do not have a hamper’, surely this was a legitimate investment?

I left the store empty handed. This was a bittersweet moment for me. I was proud of my newfound financial sensibility but all I could think of were picnics.

A few weeks have passed and I can now confidently brag about being able to host the mother of all picnics with my newest (and possibly the best ever) purchase. Introducing the fabulous picnic BACKPACK from Joules….


Perhaps I have just lived a very sheltered life, but I have never come across a backpack specifically designed for picnics, which blasts all other chunky hampers out of the water with its practicality. Not only is there a compact compartment homing all of the cutlery, plates and plastic glasses but it also comes with a mini cheese board and a corkscrew. WINNING.

The cool box inside has ample space for food and it also has a detachable drink cooler on the side. With both hands to spare, the backpack allowed me to point out the fairies in the woods whilst not forgetting that all important hand holding.


Now that some summer sun is finally being bestowed on us, go and explore our beautiful countryside and spend the day playing games, and snacking on fruit salad and cocktail sausages. At £58, it really is an investment for a lifetime of summertime yumminess.


Head to Joules website now where you can pick one up in the sale at a bargain price of £39.95

You won’t regret it…