My Top 5 Activities for Kids in Kent

Molly and I had been cramming our weekends full of fun activities and it’s probably about time I bring to you our highlights over the last month, on top of the regular visits to the park and soft play. Suitable rain and/or shine.

1) Glazy Daisy 

Glazy Daisy is a lovely little studio housing a wide selection of ceramics and crafts for you to decorate as you wish, a great experience for all ages. You can choose anything from egg cups, plates, figurines and mugs to paint with the large selection of colours that they have on offer. Once you have created your masterpiece, you leave the item to be fired which will be ready for collection a week later. The staff are so friendly and they also offer a selection of coffees and biscuits for purchase.

It is advisable to book because it can get quite busy and its also a fab idea for parties and get togethers. They even have a ‘late night Wednesday’ for the grown ups, inviting participants to bring their own wine and nibbles.

Molly and I have been a couple of times (we are collecting a nice amount of ‘Frozen’ figurines) not only do you leave with imaginative keepsakes, but it is also a great idea for presents, with our latest trip in aid of a Fathers Day creation. Molly loves colouring and painting so Glazy Daisy is always a guaranteed winner for us.


2) Hever Castle 

We had a wonderful day at Hever Castle & Gardens. I was a little hesitant about taking Molly in the castle at first. She is only 3 and I thought she would get bored once the novelty had worn off about the ‘princess’s house’ but she loved it. She was eagerly walking around the rooms and pointing at the portraits as I tried desperately to remember the history of Henry viii and his wives.

This romantic setting on 125 acres of grounds, offers an impressive display of gardens, particularly the 4,000 rose bushes in the rose garden, with beautiful scenery as you look across the lake.

There are a number of attractions apart from the castle itself, including various walks. mazes and an adventure playground to keep the little ones entertained.

I would definitely recommend this day out, the relaxed environment is great for picnics and letting your imagination run back in time.


3) Swimming

Molly and I always used to go swimming, I feel like a very guilty mother for not making this a weekly fixture in our calendars because she always enjoys it and our latest trip even saw her venturing into the ‘big’ pool at Tunbridge Wells Sports Centre. There is also a soft play area upstairs to allow the little ones to burn off a tad more energy whilst you can grab a coffee.



4) Village Fetes

We have wanted to go to various village fetes this year but unfortunately, due to poor weather, some of these have been cancelled. We were fortunate enough to have a dry day in July (!) to allow Frant Fete to go ahead in the local primary school. It had a small selection of stalls and games and also homed some lovely horses from The Working Horses Trust for the day. Once we had filled our faces with sweets, re-stocked Molly’s library and selected some nice flowers for my mums garden, we had a lovely lunch with a family friend before heading to the local pub, The George, which has a lovely garden out the back. Unfortunately, the live music had been cancelled and it wasn’t as busy as anticipated so once Molly had shown off her new doll (from the fete) to the other children, we headed back home for cuddles on the sofa.


5) Girls Day

We have also ‘enjoyed’ a few girly activities as of late, including a trip to get Molly’s nails painted properly. After a long battle of convincing her that red was not an appropriate colour for a 3 year old, she eventually settled for a clear pink on our way to a new hairdressers along Camden Road, specifically for little people. Molly hates her hair being touched, and I have been known to attempt some rather unsuccessful trims so I was hoping the new salon would distract her enough to get her very wonky, doggy barnet sorted. Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter if she is watching Frozen, in a cool car, eating an ice lolly… Molly will still not allow anyone near her hair. This is a great place for children, as long as they allow you near them! (worth a try)


Having a full time job, and being unable to look after Molly in the week makes me want to ensure that we do as many fun activities as possible during our time together at the weekend. But I have to admit, it does feel quite nice when we have the occasional pyjama day which involves a disney marathon and a whole day of snuggles on the sofa! We are a little bit shattered…