We Live in a Beautiful Town. Yeah We Do, Yeah We Do…

I have spent most of the last week in love with my hometown. With a mother born in Islington and a Father born in Wales, somehow they found each other in Tunbridge Wells and ended up with… me.

Located between London and the coast, my hometown is somewhere I have always taken for granted. The recent spell of lovely weather has really made me appreciate the beautiful place that we live in, which even has it’s own little boating lake.

Last Thursday marked the return of the weekly ‘Jazz on the Pantiles’ which is somewhat an institution for anyone who lives within a 10 mile radius. The Pantiles is home to The Chalybete Spring (400 year old spring that marked the beginning of Tunbridge Wells) and a pretty little band stand which accommodates various Jazz bands throughout the summer months, attracting large crowds of all ages who like to mingle around the restaurants and bars for the evening.

IMG_4256IMG_4258IMG_4259IMG_4262IMG_4264IMG_4265 (1)

After popping to the Jazz briefly on Thursday, Molly and I returned to The Pantiles on Friday to the Farmers Market, and having ushered her (rather quickly) passed the multiple stalls of baked delights, we stopped for lunch where my mum got to show off her skill of creating sun hats out of napkins.

IMG_4331 (1).JPG

On Friday evening we were invited to our friends house in the countryside where we baked cakes and ate amazing food. Whilst playing outside with Molly, I decided to do a star jump forgetting that the previous week I had stabbed myself in the groin with a knife. Ouch. At that exact second, a bird decided to use my friends head as a toilet which resulted in the pair of us running around the garden in circles and screaming like a right pair of wallies.


After a fairly relaxing weekend (naturally, I chose a Sunday to practice my ability to drink tequila) I have chosen to cram my day full of random activities to balance it all out a little bit. After all, I don’t want you to think that I am becoming too sensible or normal. I’m off to see another Clairvoyant for a comparison to my first trip a few months ago (here) where I was told that all Clairvoyants will provide the same outcome because they have a ‘direct channel from the almighty’ (curiosity has got the better of me). I am then off to get a tattoo before speaking to someone about my first DJ gig (!) and ending the day with a trip to the local Apple store to ask the man to help me get my music out of the clouds.
I guess I shall then return home to pack for my next trip…