GLITTERBOX, Stabbing, Sunshine and Santa

My weekend was kicked off with a stabbing. I was stabbed.

…OK, it wasn’t actually that dramatic because I was the one who stabbed myself, by getting over excited when opening our new paddling pool. I couldn’t find our scissors, so I used the longest, thinnest, sharpest knife I could find to cut a cable tie and ended up with a very narrow, very deep cut in my groin which needed gluing back together. Due to its location, I couldn’t even show anyone the impressive cut. I had been a victim of my own stupidity. Again.

Once over the trauma, we spent Saturday in the garden in preparation for the utterly fabulous Glitterbox event that we were attending at Ministry of Sound. I was introduced to Glitterbox by a friend in Ibiza last year and it was one of the best nights I have ever had. Think disco balls, think timeless disco/house music, think men dancing in skimpy leather outfits, lots of make-up and very high heels. Glitterbox is a fantastic production from Defected records that was born in 2014, offering all party goers an utterly glamorous and fun filled evening, guaranteeing smiles and splendid memories (if not a little hazy).

Not only does the feel good music provide enough excitement to burn holes in your shoes, but the visual offering emphasizes the whole experience with performances from the brilliant Male dancing group ‘Hot Heels’, what seemed like 6,738 confetti canisters, and enough blasts from the smoke machine to warrant a visit from the fire brigade. We danced to performances by The Shapeshifters and Basement Jaxx, and after a casual chat with the owner of Spearmint Rhinos, and 6 solid hours of dancing, we decided to call it a night at 5am and returned home to make a fort in my living room, where we slept like babies.


After two hours of sleep, I patiently awaited Molly’s return where we then spent another fabulous day in the sunshine, dipping our toes in the pool and eating ice lollies. We later went for a walk and having just spent the majority of the weekend in her pants, I stupidly asked Molly to choose something to wear. Out of all of the clothes she has, she decided that the most appropriate outfit, on the hottest day of the year, was her Santa dress… which she had even refused to wear on Christmas Day.




I rarely have a hangover in Molly’s presence, but when I do, it is impossible to feel ‘ill’ or tired because she is so much fun. She shines happiness and love and all I want to do is make sure she knows how much she means to me.

Molly makes everything better, sunshine makes everything better, disco makes everything better and in the words of Basement Jaxx on Saturday night:

“Go into the world and make something amazing of yourself, because it’s only time before you die…. we are all going to die… but it’s all good… YOU’RE ALIVE, YOU’RE ALIVE… so do your thing…”

I couldn’t put it better myself.