7 Days of Random

Within the last 7 days, the following has happened:

  • I dropped my phone through the crack in the floorboards as I was leaving a bar. This wouldn’t have been so annoying if I hadn’t have done it the previous week, with my bank card. Maintenance men must hate me.
  • I bumped into Nigel Farage
  • I hosted a Prince Tribute party in my bedroom and filmed my friends and I dance around to his greatest hits whilst falling off my bed.
  • I ended up in a Community Center in Kentish Town with a load of (very nice) strangers, we had lunch and then I was taught traditional Palestinian dance by a very enthusiastic man called Fayez (as you do).


  • I had a 4 hour DJ lesson at 8 o’clock on a Monday morning.
  • My phone deciding to select the most inappropriate song to blast out on full volume whilst on the tube. I’m not sure how receptive my fellow commuters were to ‘Shimmy, Shimmy Yo’ with the lyrics “YEAH BABY I LIKE IT RAW”, because I was too flustered trying to make it stop to notice.
  • I wore my nice new skirt to work, seeing as the sun was out, bare legs and all. It then started snowing.
  • I got myself a massage in Soho to see if it would help fix my bad back. I should have known what to expect when they dressed me up as a dinner lady. I am not sure why she had to slap me so much, and when the cleaner came in to do the hoovering I couldn’t help but giggle. The best £30 I have ever spent purely for the comedy factor (apart from when I insisted on buying a clown outfit during a Bowie Tribute night).


Quite an impressive sequence of random events to squeeze into one week, but it’s these random little events that make life wonderful.