First Post for The Beyond Travel Company

At the age of 24 I settled down, got married and had a baby, I couldn’t think of a good reason not to. I was relatively well traveled, and I was a homeowner with a steady job and surrounded by a great support network of friends and family. Unfortunately, my marriage only lasted 2 years, but my husband and I get on well and, of course, we are blessed with our gorgeous 3 year old daughter, Molly. Molly is fantastic. She is funny and loving and I treasure our time together, but due to having 50/50 split custody I have found myself with time to do things that were previously somewhat unattainable.

I have decided to embrace the taboo, and banish the stigma surrounding a failed marriage, by adopting a ‘You Only Live Once’ attitude and branding myself as the ‘Part Time Parent’. Of course, my parental responsibilities and love for Molly will be 24/7, but when I am not with her I know she is having a fabulous time with her father, who she loves very much, so why shouldn’t I be able to seek adventure in my own time? 

I want to explore the world and see where life takes me (and Molly), so I have started my blog ‘The Adventures of a Part Time Parent’ (, and want to document the trips that I go on with, and without, Molly. I am not overly keen on the generic corporate resorts, or the isolation and independence of a standard villa holiday, so I like trying to find trips that offer a bit more soul. I am now proud to confess that I have been stalking The Beyond Travel Company for the last few months on social media, and oggling over their travel porn, because I feel that they have nailed it with the mixture of experiences (known as ‘Bohemian Luxury Adventures’) that they have to offer. From the growing ‘Heritage’ collection which boasts some fantastic trips celebrating Britain, to the incredible ‘Paradise’ collection which just makes you want to jump straight into a warm bath with your sunglasses on and an outdoor heater in your face whilst listening to whale music and drinking a cocktail.  All trips are tailor made and therefore not just offering a holiday, but an experience to really remember. 

A combination of the ethos, character and authentic luxury of Beyond makes them a pretty special company that I simply cannot wait to start working with, and showing you what our wonderful world has to offer.