Superstar Status

Last week I decided to invest some time in my little website. I am a technology-phobe but I managed to tart it up a bit and I even went to the lengths of getting a logo designed and going on a photo-shoot with Molly, which involved us both wearing Tu-Tu’s. Despite having our photo taken by a fabulous photographer who has worked with some of the greats (Bowie, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Oasis, Kylie Minogue… Molly was less than impressed. She doesn’t like photos and the only way I could stop her from having a MASSIVE tantrum on our walk home was to keep my Tu-Tu on. Cheers for that Mo.

IMG_2952 (1)

On Friday I was excited for two reasons. Firstly, Molly and I were wearing matching outfits and secondly, my housemate and I were ‘entertaining’ for the first time with a Mexican feast and enough board games to keep a small country entertained for a few days. As an ‘all or nothing’ kind of girl, I wanted our guests to have an authentic experience so our food was eaten to a Mexican soundtrack and served by Mexican waiters….



Matching Jumpers


Earlier that day it was tipping it down with rain and I didn’t have enough hands to hold my umbrella so I wore my sombrero home, which attracted multiple “ARIIIIIBA!” heckles from passers-by. If you live in my hometown and you saw me wondering around in a Tu-Tu, there was a logical explanation for it. And if you saw me wondering around in a sombrero, there was also a logical explanation for that too. If you see me wondering around in a hospital gown and bare feet however… you should probably call my doctor and let him know that I have escaped.

After our games night, I went to check on Molly and I couldn’t resist picking her up and putting her in my bed so I could give her a snuggle. I soon learnt that this was a mistake after she decided that a King-size bed wasn’t big enough for her ‘sleep gymnastics’. She woke me up with her foot in my mouth twice. The other three times were due to a hand slapping my face, almost being pushed off the bed and a kick in the ribs. After a restless night’s sleep (for me) we started Saturday with blueberry pancakes and a trip to a trampoline park, and finished off the weekend with a wonderful trip on a steam train (Thomas the Tank Engine to be precise) on Sunday with a good friend and his godson. The sun was out and the children had a great time so it really was a lovely day out, and I even managed to take Molly on my own little photo-shoot and got some pictures of her looking happy for once…

IMG_3111IMG_3119IMG_3115 (1)IMG_3116IMG_3118

This week I have realized that my quest to tackle (or at least understand) the world of blogging has completely overshadowed my initial aim for 2016, and I have just remembered that I was actually supposed to become a superstar DJ this year. Having just booked tickets to the fabulous Glitterbox event at Ministry of Sound next month (think disco, think house, think men wearing lots of makeup, very high heels, and very small thongs) I remembered that my superstar DJ status will enable me to play at all of the daytime clubs in Ibiza. Blue Marlin opens in 11 days so in an attempt to get back on track with my initial plan, I have booked myself in for the next installment of DJ lessons, starting at 8am on Monday morning. Hopefully a week of practice (along with the 10 hours experience that I already have) will prepare me for my debut.

I am attempting the items on my bucket list, one unrealistic ‘dream’ at a time, so keep your eyes peeled because I have lots of exciting things planned over the next few weeks/months that I can’t wait to tell you about. Maybe I should postpone Blue Marlin until next year. In the meantime, any DJ name suggestions welcome…