A Blog and Beyond

Holy Moley! It seems that last week presented itself as my week of opportunity and what a week it was!

I was offered an amazing chance to visit Palestine on a human/woman’s rights tour for 10 days. This would be incredible and I really want to go. However, although it is not a war zone, it is occupied. And it would be the type of trip that I would have to prepare for by writing a letter to Molly ‘just in case’ something should happen to me, I am not prepared to do that just yet. I know there is a likelihood of terrorism anywhere in the world but perhaps I should leave the Middle East for now. And don’t worry, I know it’s only been 4 weeks and there is already a theme developing… “I AM GOING TO BERMUDA!”…. “I’m not going to Bermuda”. ‘I AM GOING TO BETHLEHEM!”….”I’m not going to Bethlehem” but it won’t be a common occurrence. Especially now that I have been asked to be guest blogger for a fabulous travel company that I am proud to admit to stalking over the past few months. I shall be documenting my adventures through The Beyond Travel Company, specialists in luxury Bohemian travel and I cannot wait to join the team and show you some of the fantastic experiences they have on offer.

Although I am incredibly grateful and appreciative for the lovely messages and comments that I have received, I’m not sure that they are entirely deserved for just wanting to go on lots of holidays. I guess I am not used to being complimented because the only praise I normally receive is sarcastic or accidental, nevertheless, I am determined not to let my new found fame go to my head and shall limit my autograph signings to Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays only.

To celebrate, a couple of us went for a drink on Friday and to mark the fact that my best friend (Molly’s godmother) has moved in with Molly and I. We decided to check out our towns new dancing establishment which boasts three floors of ‘Chandelier class’, ‘Fever/Disco’ and a ‘South Pacific themed paradise’, and where the dress code seems to be ‘underwear’. I felt terribly overdressed in my ‘clothes’ but it was still very fun and I had the pleasure of my friend demonstrating her perfectly practiced and beautifully named ‘Slut drop’. I ended up getting lost in the ‘disco’ room where I found myself in my element dancing around to Dead or Alive on the light up dance floor and befriending a lovely chap who I can only describe as a Boy George lookalike who had accidentally stumbled through the set of The Matrix. Of course, no ‘first night out with my new house mate’ would be complete without an argument over a subway sandwich and resulting in walking home separately, but to my relief, we got over it and are now stronger than ever.

The rest of my weekend was spent with Molly. We played dress up, went to soft play and on Sunday we went to my parent’s house to admire their pond and visit their friends who have just fostered five lambs. Our perfect day in the countryside was topped off nicely with a roast dinner (not lamb) and a dog walk in which Molly held the lead the whole way, a bit of a mile stone in terms of trust on my mums part. Despite spending two full days with her over the weekend, I already miss Molly as I return to work. I am pleased to say that we have now perfected the art of spooning and although I wouldn’t call it ‘smothering’ I do kiss her, on average, 1,536 times a day. I am now absolutely thrilled at the thought of not only experiencing new destinations on my own, but taking Molly on adventures and showing her the world too. I may not be the stereotypical mother from a stereotypical ‘2.4 children’ set up, but I am going to make damn sure that Molly has an exciting childhood that she will remember with fond and happy memories. As they sing in the film, Chicago: “You can like the life you’re living, or you can live the life you like…” and the latter, is exactly what I intend to do.