The Spirits Told Me To…

I’m back! Which can only mean that my experience with a Clairvoyant was a positive one.

I am not particularly spiritual. I dragged a load of friends to a graveyard after school to do a Ouija board once, which was quite possibly the most stupid thing I have ever done (apart from pour melted butter in my ear, but that’s another story which I’m sure I will share at a later date)… NEVER do Ouija board. EVER.

Anyway, I turned up at this beautiful little chocolate box cottage in the countryside and I wasn’t sure what to expect as I was greeted by a lovely lady who kept calling me Gloria. We walked into her ‘office’ and she sat me down next to a painting of her ‘Spirit’ called Mustafa, a 4,000 year old Egyptian Holy Man. She explained that, through Mustafa, she can communicate with my spirits  which are channeled from The Almighty.  She then explained that our lives are like blue prints and are mapped out before we are even born. Our spirit is created and our birth date and end date is decided before our physical form reaches the earth. She said that our spirits try to guide us, and if we go against their guidance we get ill (depression etc)

Firstly, I would like to point out that this lady had NO idea about my life. I had a brief telephone conversation with her to book my appointment and the only details I gave her were my telephone number and first name (which she had mistaken for Gloria). When I corrected her she wrote ‘Georgia’ on her paper (spelt incorrectly, so even if she tried to ‘google’ me, she wouldn’t have found any correct information about me).

She closed her eyes, her head shook a little bit and I couldn’t help but think… ‘here we go… don’t tell me, I am going to win the lottery tomorrow and next year I will have another child who is born with 5 heads’. This wasn’t the case. She put her pen to paper and started to write down what Mustafa was telling her. He was communicating with ‘my spirits’ and they started by talking about my career.

To give a bit of my background; my father was an incredibly skilled carpenter/builder and he was also very artistic. My mother used to dance and she is good at writing. I am very creative but I have no idea how to channel my creativity. During the last 5 years I have considered various ‘paths’ to help me figure out my ‘talent’. I started a degree with the aim of becoming a primary school teacher, then I almost bought a pub. A year later I almost bought a shop which sold fabric/made blinds etc.

I have now ended up recruiting legal and compliance professionals for financial services. I am good at it but it is not very creative and therefore ‘my soul is starving from accomplishment’ (in the words of the spirits) I have ‘been feeling like this for 5 years’ (accurate) and I have been ‘exploring different routes to channel my creativity to no avail’. BUT, I am ‘now on a path that will lead to greater things than I could have imagined and my spirits will continue to feed me ideas so my creative juices will not stop flowing’.

I thought this was quite thought-provoking, but it was still fairly broad and could be adapted to suit most situations. Then things got really interesting. She started saying that her spirit was telling her that children are the main focus of my new career path. She said that I have already started this journey and although it is in its infancy, it will grow and will eventually be my full time job. She said it won’t stop growing and that a book will be written. She spent a good half an hour talking about this, and I was fascinated. I then proceeded to tell her about my blog idea.

Her spirit spoke about Molly, about her character and the things she will be good at. She touched upon my love life, but to be honest, I wasn’t really interested in much else (apart from Molly) because I was buzzing from excitement about what she had just told me about my new ‘career’. Like I mentioned, she did not have any of my details and there was no way she knew about my blog (my blog doesn’t even have my name on it) and she couldn’t have found me on social media because she didn’t know my name. What are the chances?!

I ran to the car to get her some money and she followed me out and gave me a kiss and a hug and told me she was extremely excited for me and that what I was starting was leading to big things and I should keep going.

I won’t take all the information as Gospel, but I am very excited about writing. Especially as the first thing I did when I returned to the car was check my Facebook to see so many wonderful comments of encouragement and to hear that people were actually enjoying my writing!!

At the weekend I was looking for adventure. And although my trip to see a clairvoyant didn’t require a passport, it opened my eyes to see that I was already on an adventure, potentially a huge, exciting one. And this was just the beginning.

……Boss, if you read this, please do not panic. I am committed and I am loyal so I will not jump ship just yet. I will continue writing and although it won’t necessarily lead to a book deal…  I have been considering who will play my part in the epic film: Georga Browne, The Edge of Sanity.