Big Ideas? Better speak to God…

My very first blog post last week about my ridiculous Monday set the tone for what seemed to turn in to a ridiculous week. I had trouble with my teeth and ended up going for ‘one’ drink after work, which saw me in bed at 1am… on a Monday. Another evening out on Tuesday led to a fragile Wednesday with two breakfasts (I couldn’t choose between a Sausage and Egg McMuffin or Scrambled Eggs from Crush, so I got both).

On Wednesday, my new lovely friends in Bermuda (who I met in Miami) suggested I go and visit them at the weekend for a birthday celebration. Now I really do not need any encouragement to be spontaneous. The more last minute, the more random, the more appealing! I didn’t have Molly at the weekend, I didn’t have any plans. I had a friend who had kindly offered me a place to stay, all I had to do is jump on a plane. That sounds absolutely ridiculous. I have never been a jet setter (although always wanted to be) and I have never had the bank balance to accommodate a jet setter lifestyle, but with my fresh YOLO attitude, the only thing that was going through my head was… “Why the f*ck not?”

So what if I am spending my money recklessly? We will all die from Global warming or terrorism anyway (Cheery) but life is for enjoying, and being sensible is boring. I was going to go to Bermuda. Just for three nights. In 48 hours’ time.  Plus, I had just started a blog on ‘adventures’ so technically it had to be done.

Thursday came along and I started doubting my decision and needed reassurance that I wasn’t being completely crazy. A friend from work and I went to get some lunch and I decided to book my flights once I returned to the office. Once back in the office, I realized that my mobile had just been pinched out of my pocket. How annoying. Why do people bother stealing phones now? Of course, it hadn’t been backed up in 30 weeks and the location services was turned off so ‘find my iPhone’ didn’t work, but at the end of the day- it’s just a phone. There was no point in getting upset about it but it was just a hassle to sort out. It did ruin my Bermuda trip idea though. There was no way I could cross the Atlantic without a phone.

This left me in an odd mood on Friday. I had psyched myself up about going on an adventure. I looked into trains to Paris, I thought that I could hop across the English Chanel for the day and go to see the Moana Lisa. My back up idea was to go to a Spa for the day. Either way, I was going to do something exciting and last minute. I just couldn’t work out what.

I woke up on Saturday at 10am. With a slightly sore head and my best friend in bed next to me demanding that I made her a cooked breakfast. So it didn’t look like I was going to Paris, or a Spa. And I couldn’t actually be bothered for adventure after all. (Worst travel blog ever).

The previous night I had bumped into a very dear friend who I hadn’t seen in a couple of years. About 8 years ago, we decided that it would be incredibly fun to jump on a train to Paris that same evening. I turned up at his house wearing a black and white top and a beret, armed with my passport and a baguette. We didn’t quite make it to Paris but the thought was there! On Friday, after telling him about my last minute trip idea, he told me that I had my sparkle back. That I was mental again and he loved it.

The most common word used by my friends to describe me is “twat”… and I am quite proud of this. But last week, I got called ‘mental’ by 4 different people. I found this funny but then it got me wondering if I am taking my ‘YOLO’ too far and if I am ‘funny and adventurous’ or just… ‘mental’.

After my friends breakfast (granola had to suffice) she read me my horoscope which seemed pretty accurate. I got straight on the phone and booked myself an appointment with a Clairvoyant, something I had never really understood but thought would be interesting to experience. She claimed to have a direct line with God. To be honest with you, the whole thing seems totally bizarre but I can’t wait to go and meet her today. I am hoping that she will either say to me….”you are on a path that is leading to good things, keep going” or she will say “sort yourself out, start saving, be more sensible… you are mental”

So I guess my experience with ‘God’ will determine whether I write my next blog post. Watch this space…..